Asian Regional Research Programme on Energy, Environment and Climate (ARRPEEC) Phase II, 1999 – 2002

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ARRPEEC was a regional research project on energy and climate change, which involved researchers from India, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam, and Thailand. In this research, IIEE identified the optimal generation expansion planning in Java-Bali system under environmental emission consideration using least cost method. The study results include optimal capacity of power plants, electricity generation by plant type and the respective fuel-mix. IIEE also developed IDAT (IIEE’s Data Analysis Tool) and ISAT (IIEE’s Sensitivity Analysis Tool) to accompany the IRPA model developed by Asian Insitute of Technology. From this research, IIEE gains many experiences, both from collaborating with other regional research institutions and in energy modeling. Experience in energy modeling from this research has enabled IIEE to develop the IIEEM (Integrated Indonesian Energy and Environmental Model).

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