Independent Team for the Draft on Governmental Decree on Oil and Gas Downstream Sector, 2003

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This initiative is part of a continuous effort to contribute towards workable, transparent and investor-friendly government regulations and policies in the energy sector. Based on its academic paper and the blue print of downstream oil and gas, the Independent Team provides inputs and comments to various versions of the Draft of Government Decree on Oil and Gas prepared by the Government Working Team on the Draft Government Decree on Downstream Oil and Gas.

In this activity, IIEE involved in reviewing various revisions of the Draft Government Decree on Downstream Oil and Gas, and check consistencies of the articles with respect to the agreed framework stated in the blue print, and in proposing alternative legal compositions to represent the logic and message of the respective comments. IIEE also involved in the discussion with the Government Team to reach common understanding over various issues covered by the legal drafts.

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