Oil and Gas Downstream Blueprint Team, 2003

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The implementation of Law 22/2001 calls for several government decrees, including the downstream oil and gas markets. Confusions and other difficulties during the process of preparing the decree had lead the Independent Team of Bimasena to suggest the Government to consider developing a blue print to be used a guide during the process of formulating the respective legal description. Our prior work, the academic paper for the downstream oil and gas sector under Law 22/2001, was cited as a reference.

IIEE’s involvement in this activity ranged from reviewing data and information about market deregulation process, status, and various market parameters in other countries; analyzing the implications of Law 22/2001 and identifying requirements to enable coherent implementation; and outlining transition phases from the regulated-monopoly to an open and competitive market. IIEE also participated in the discussion with stakeholder, including with the Minister of Mines and Energy and the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, to obtain comments on the draft blue print as inputs for finalizing the document.

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