Happy 92nd Birthday, Prof. Subroto

| September 30, 2015 | 0 Comments
On 19 September 2015, the founder of Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics (IIEE), Prof. Subroto celebrated the remarkable achievements of a 92-year-old with his family and colleagues at Senior High School, SMK Plus, BLM, Lengkong Wetan, Tangerang Selatan. At his age, Prof. Subroto is absolutely healthy, full of life and spirit.
The 92nd birthday has become truly meaningful with an inauguration of a new building. The new building was named Gedung Subroto  in honor of Prof. Subroto great concern to the education sector. The celebration was also attended by the chairperson of IIEE Executive Board, Dr. Asclepias Rachmi Indriyanto. All IIEE staff wishes Prof. Subroto a very happy 92nd birthday and may God continue to give him strength and energy as he continues to inspire others.

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