Energy Economics

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1 Energy, Poverty, and Gender K. V. Ramani and Enno Heijndermans
2 Sustainable Energy for Developing Countries Dilip Ahuja and Marika Tatsutani
3 Investment in Capacity Development is Central to Achieving Universal Access to Modern Energy Services United Nations Development Programme
4 Capacity Development for Scaling Up Decentralized Energy Access Programmes Elisabeth Clemens, Kamal Rijal and Minoru Takada
5 Increasing Energy Access in Developing Countries: The Role of Distributed Generation U.S. Agency for International Development
6 The Welfare Impact The Welfare Impact of Rural Electrification: A Reassessment of the Costs and Benefits An IEG Impact Evaluation
7 Energy Indicators for Sustainable Development: Guidelines and Methodologies IAEA Team
8 Energy Efficiency Indicators for Public Electricity Production from Fossil Fuel Taylor, Peter, et al.
9 Energy Indicators to Assess Sustainable Development at the National Level: Acting on the Johannesburg Plan of Implementation IVAN A. VERA and
10 Managing Natural Resource Revenue Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala,
11 Biaya Eksternal dari Pembangkit Listrik Batubara Agus Sugiyono
12 Perbandingan Biaya Pembangkitan Pembangkit Listrik di Indonesia La Ode Muh. Abdul Wahid
13 Mapping the Characteristics of Producer Subsidies: A Review of Pilot Country studies Doug, Koplow, et al.
14 Strategies for Reforming Fossil-Fuel Subsidies: Practical lessons from Ghana, France and Senegal Tara Laan, Christopher Beaton and Bertille Presta
15 Biofuel subsidies and the law of the WTO Toni Harmer
16 Energy Subsidies: Why, When and How? Kilian Reiche and Witold Teplitz
17 International Fuel Prices 2007 Dr Gerhard P. Metschies
18 Black Hole or Black Gold? The Impact of Oil and Gas Prices on Indonesia’s Public Finances Dian, Cut, et al.

Energy & Enviromental Issues

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1 Two Issues in Carbon Princing: Timing and Competitiveness David Pearce and Warwick J McKibbin
2 Assets and Adaptation: An Emerging Debate Martin Prowse and Lucy Scott
3 Entrenchment or Enhancement: Could Climate Change Adaptation Help to Reduce Chronic Poverty? Thomas Tanner and Tom Mitchell
4 Creating Less Disastrous Disasters Maria Carmen Lemos and Emma L. Tompkins
5 Evaluating Climate Change: Pro-Poor Perspectives Merylyn Hedger, Martin Greeley and Jennifer Leavy
6 Institutional Capacity, Climate Change Adaptation and the Urban Poor David Dodman and David Satterthwaite
7 Introduction: Building the Case for Pro-Poor Adaptation Thomas Tanner and Tom Mitchell
8 Poverty in a Changing Climate Thomas Tanner and Tom Mitchell
9 A Right to Adaptation: Securing the Participation of Marginalised Groups Emily Polack
10 The Economic Case for Pro-Poor Adaptation: What do we Know? Tamsin Vernon
11 http://The Gender Dimensions of Poverty and Climate Change Adaptation Justina Demetriades and Emily Esplen
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