Operational Unit

Hakimul Batih

Executive Director

Interests:Energy Economics, Energy Modelling, Energy Security, Energy Efficiency
Contact: hakimulbatih@iiee.or.id; hakimulbatih@yahoo.com
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Ade Djunainah

Public Outreach Manager

Interests: Rural Electrification, Renewable Energy, Rural Community Empowerment
Contact: ade_bj@yahoo.com; ade@iiee.or.id
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Natalia Siahaan

Research Manager

Interests: Energy Security, Energy Policy, Development and Utilization of Renewable Energy, Energy Conservation, Unconventional Gas, Pro and Cons of Nuclear Power
Contact: iin.natalia@iiee.or.id; natli_i2n@yahoo.com
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Azis Pusakantara

Program Development Manager

Interests: Energy Modeling, Energy Subsidy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Contact: azis@iiee.or.id; azis.pusakantara@yahoo.com
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Pudji Astuti

HR and Administration Manager

Interests: HR Development, HR Management, HR Strategic, Institutional Development
Contact: pudji.astuti@iiee.or.idpudji.puji@gmail.com
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Friga Siera Ragina


Interests: Enviromental & Climate Change, Energy Policy, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Rural Electrification & Empowerment.
Contact: friga@iiee.or.id; iiee.friga@yahoo.co.id
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Ade Nur Anisiya

Staf Keuangan

Interests: Administration, Project Administration, Renewable Energy, Community Development, Rural Electrification
Contact: anisiya@iiee.or.id; iiee.adeanisiya@yahoo.com
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Putu Indy Gardian


Interests: Energy policy, Energy economics, Energy modelling, Energy management, New and renewable energy development, rural electrification development

Contactgardian.indy@gmail.com; gardian.indy@iiee.or.id

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Sabrina Rizkita

Secretary and Admin Officer

Interests: Project administrator, renewable energy, community development

Contact: sabrina@iiee.or.idrizkita.sabrina@gmail.com

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Finance Officer

Interest: Finance


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