From Chair of Governing Board

Indonesia is now on the verge of an energy crisis. Indonesia’s oil reserves are expected to be exhausted within 11 years. The problem, this seems not to be “ringing the bell” of Indonesian. As a result there have been no concrete breakthroughs, systematic and well structured efforts on energy saving measures and renewable energy utilization.

Endeavour of facing this could be twofold: from the supply side perspective, renewable energy utilization such as geothermal, hydropower, wind power, solar power, wave energy, and biofuels should be prioritized. Fossil energy resources should be properly allocated, what is for domestic market and what is for export. On the demand side, energy saving measures can reduce consumption level, slow down its growth and therefore lower the need for additional supply.

Through the study, dissemination, and dialogue with stakeholders, IIEE is expected to support the national policies about prudent development and the utilization of energy resources in Indonesia. Studies and dialogue alone will not enough. Awareness and education on energy conditions and challenges in Indonesia and how to overcome them is needed. Education about energy conservation for young generation is one of the answers. In 2010 to 2050, with a peak in 2020 Indonesia will have a surge of people in productive age. This condition is called the “demographic bonus”. At that time, the young who are now in junior high and high school will hold a leadership in almost all fields. IIEE’s role as the motor of education of energy conservation will be very beneficial for the nation at that time.

Finally, let us take a part in thinking, acting, and strive to realize the condition of better energy sector in Indonesia for better Indonesia. Now and in the future.

Prof. Dr. Subroto
Chairman of Advisory Board
Indonesian Institute for Energy Economics (IIEE)

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